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The Next Generation Online Film School

Learn Creative Problem-Solving While Shooting Amazing Commercial Videos with our Online Courses and Inspiring Learning Toolkits

Learn the Art of Commercial Filmmaking

We are creating THE GARAGE LEARNING  with one fundamental goal in mind, to teach you how to make amazing commercial videos from start to finish. 

Making great videos requires a mix of both creativity and technical know-how. We want to inspire you to share your creativity with others while teaching you the necessary technical skills needed through our Online Courses, Inspiring Learning Kits, and in-person workshops.

We are creating hundreds of hours of lessons in a wide variety of topics from studio lighting, to robotic motion control, video editing, color grading, and more.

This is a Master Class in Filmmaking!

Curriculum for All Knowledge Levels

The Garage Learning's curriculum is designed for people of all knowledge levels. If you're a working pro looking to expand your knowledge, or a photographer who wants to do more video; We have you covered!

If you're a parent looking for some educational activities to do with your kids, you'd be surprised how fun and educational making videos can be. Don't speak English? We are translating our courses into 10 different languages for people all over the world. 


Smartphone Video 101

 Smartphones have become incredibly powerful imaging tools. With 4k, Slow motion, and stabilization all built-in, they can be the perfect camera for shooting amazing videos. In this class, we will take you step-by-step between how to expose, compose, and light scenes best for your smartphone. We will show you how to take advantage of the small size and portability of the smartphone, and explain how it can do some things better than "normal" cameras.

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Video Editing 101

 Being able to edit together videos in a non-linear editing system is an essential skill for anyone starting in video production. In this class, we will get you up to speed on the fundamentals of the art and process of editing videos using footage that you shoot yourself with your smartphone

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Featured Intermediate/Advanced Courses

Video for Still Photographers

Essential Training for Making the Jump to Video

Making the transition from stills to video can open up a whole new realm of possibilities creatively and professionally. In this in-depth course you will learn everything you need to know about video cameras and lenses, camera movements and support, lighting for video, shooting for the edit, video vs. stills production, and so much more.

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Being a Creative Entrepreneur

Marketing Yourself as a Creative Professional

Getting creative work can be a challenging task at first.  The right strategy can give you a big head start. In this course, you will learn the secrets to making your Linkedin, online portfolio and demo reel stand out from a crowd. We will teach you the skills you need to help you land your first job, and build your client base.

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Featured Pro Courses

Motion Control 301

Multi-Robot Motion Control 

Integrating a second robot or model mover on a set opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Having the same precision repeatability found in camera robots with a model mover robot allows for an entirely new level of precision. This course teaches the theory and process of implementing multiple robots on set together to create a visual symphony.

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Special Effects 301

Pyrotechnics, Squibs, & Triggered Effects

Special effects have a huge impact on the excitement and drama of a shot, but they can be complicated to implement. This course walks you through a variety of cutting edge special effects techniques from squibs to a wide range of other triggered effects. We will focus on safety and how to implement awesome effects in a safe way.

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A mammoth amount of resources for filmmakers of all skill levels to allow them to create content to the level (Steve) and his team have been reaching for years.

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...breaking down the walls between art and science, engineering, and cinematography, to bring it all together.

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