Dec 01 , 2020


Steve Giralt

Kickstarter Scholarship Announcement!

Hi everyone!

Over the past 41 days, we have loved seeing the excitement and enthusiasm for The Garage Learning and our Kickstarter campaign.

Our goal was to make commercial filmmaking & visual engineering accessible to everyone when we launched the campaign. Not only will our first supporters get unprecedented access to experts and industry leaders, with their help, but we can also offer 40 scholarship positions to students all over the world.

And without further ado, The Garage Learning scholarship recipients are: 

AbdElRahman Sadiq
Ademir Da Costa
Akhil Patel
Alex Shibu
Andrea Anaya
Antoine Aubry
Ari Isenberg
Ayman Siam
Brandon Quimson
Bruno Silva
Cary Newman
Charley Vision
Clement De Clerck
Cristian Garcia
Daniel Chang
Domenico Logozzo
Drew Ferris
Elias Zaugg
Giovana Fleck
HoJun Lee
Hugo Lafaye
Ivan Sivoli
Joaquin Escobar
Karla Valenzuela
Keith Purdie
Lewis Richards
Liz Manresa
Lucas Leong
Max Ruploh
Musa Muhammad Salim
Raj Luhar
Raphael Menezes
Ricardo Lozano
Ryan Kowtecky
Selda rodriguez
Shelli Witt
Stephen Underhay
Sumit Basra
Syed Moazam Ali
Tinius Marheim


Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients! We can't wait to see what you create! If you weren't selected for a scholarship today, we will have more coming in the future. You can also subscribe at the current discounted rate here.
Thank you again for your support!!
Steve & The Garage Learning team


  • 01 Dec 2020 Musa Muhammad Salim

    So, so, happy arguably the best thing that happened to me this year. Thank you very much.

  • 01 Dec 2020 Kuliyat

    I wish I would’ve been selected. I had portfolio and work done in this field. But still good luck to everyone hoping something good is waiting for me 🤞🏼

  • 01 Dec 2020 Hechem

    I’m happy for u guys

  • 01 Dec 2020 Charley

    I keep reading the email, I just can’t believe it! Steve, Kris, Riley, and the rest of the team. Thank you soo much! Now, I just can’t wait to get started guys ! Nice to meet the other winners, I am looking forward to share experiences and tips with you, and to learn together!! Thank you and enjoy the end of 2020, cause I will! 🤩🤩

  • 01 Dec 2020 Moazam Ali

    I am so happy. This is such a good news in 2020. This would surely help me in taking my career to next level. I am so glad to be a part of it. Thank you so much steve and your team.

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