About Us

The Garage Learning was born out of a desire to share amazing visual stories, and a passion for technological innovation. We’re compelled to look at things differently, which fuels our need to reinvent the way stories are told and images are made.

The world of film and visual effects are the perfect marriage of art and science, where engineering is a means to an end for fulfilling creative goals. Solving these creative and technological challenges presents an educational opportunity to bring out the Renaissance Man in everyone.

We’re breaking down the barriers to entry in the industry, and pulling back the veil to share these techniques with anyone who wants to learn. The Garage Learning seeks to democratize the world of film making for every level of ability and interest, so we can spread that passion for storytelling and cool visuals.

That’s why we’re creating 
hundreds of hours of lessons on tons of different filmmaking topics, ranging from budgeting a commercial shoot to rigging effects down to the millisecond. We love what we do. We experiment, play, learn, and innovate. We make cool stuff. Inspiring others to make more amazing work drives us to make even cooler stuff. So come on, and join us. We’re excited to see what you’re gonna make.