THE GARAGE LEARNING was born with one fundamental goal in mind, to teach you how to make amazing videos from start to finish. 

Making great videos requires a mix of both creativity and technical know-how. We’re here to inspire you and enable you to share your creativity with others while teaching you the necessary technical skills needed through our online courses, hands-on learning kits, and in-person workshops.

Steve Giralt, the head of The Garage Learning, is a Visual Engineer, equal parts right and left brain. He’s a Director, DP, with a side of Engineer. Tabletop storytelling is his absolute passion. He started his career as a still photographer shooting stills for big brands and magazines. Today, Steve is constantly building, making, creating, and generally doing something creative as he doesn’t sit still.

Steve and the Garage Learning team are here to break down the barriers to entering the industry and pull back the veil to share their techniques with everyone who wants to learn. The Garage Learning seeks to democratize the world of film making for every level of ability and interest, so we can spread that passion for storytelling and incredible visuals.

We are creating hundreds of hours of lessons in a wide variety of topics from studio lighting to robotic motion control, engineering & rig building, video editing, color grading, and more. 

We love what we do! We experiment, play, learn, and innovate. We make cool stuff. Inspiring others to create more amazing work drives us to make even cooler stuff. So come on, and join us. We’re excited to see what you’re going to make.


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