Dear Backers,

When we successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign last November, we were overwhelmed with the positive response coming from our community and the support you provided. We can’t thank you enough for your support and patience as we prepare for the launch of The Garage Learning’s courses and kits. 

Our number one priority is to empower our backers with great educational tools so that they can learn how to make awesome videos. We have been very busy writing and shooting classes, editing them, and creating custom graphics to make sure all concepts are explained clearly. 

Unfortunately, to deliver the best learning experience to you all, we need to push back the launch date for The Garage Learning to the end of August of this year.

From the outset, this was a monumental undertaking. We are creating a complete course curriculum, creating brand new hardware from the ground up, and creating a learning website with Adobe Captivate Prime to deliver all the content. We have a team of 8 people along with outside vendors working extremely hard to get this done so that we can provide an outstanding learning experience. 

Despite our best efforts to stay on schedule, there have been several challenges affecting our timeline. Covid 19 restrictions have complicated shooting and delayed the move into our studio. We’re waiting on an essential integration from Adobe before we launch our learning platform. Finally, part shortages have delayed the production of our learning kits.

That being said, our workshops are still scheduled as planned, and we’ve made some serious improvements to our learning kits! Compared to what we showed in the Kickstarter, the kits we will be delivering will be of a much higher caliber. 

Since our last update, we have partnered with Mark Roberts Motion Control to create a custom version of their Flair 7 Software, which runs our motorized learning kits. This puts the power of Flair, which runs all the big 6-axis robots like the Bolt, in your hands. They have created a special Garage Edition of their software, which will seamlessly integrate motion control and triggering with our kits. Flair 7: Garage Edition will empower you to create even more dynamic shots. We are very excited about this! In the coming days, we will release videos of the motorized kits in action and show what the Flair 7 interface will look like. This is a huge step beyond the Arduino-powered version we showed as part of the Kickstarter.

We now have final prototypes of all the kits, and orders have been placed for the necessary parts. The kits are currently slated to ship in August alongside our courses. I hate to push the dates back, as I know many of you are eagerly awaiting these awesome tools, but I assure you we’re only doing this to make sure we ship the very best products. 

On behalf of myself and The Garage Learning team, I want to thank everyone for their continued patience and support for this project. We hope that our efforts will have a positive impact on the lives of all our backers. Please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions you may have. 

Stay safe and keep learning, 

Steve and The Garage Learning Team