Over 60+ scholarships

provided to date


Over $40,000 of education 

and DIY Kits provided


Students from 

30 countries


The Garage Learning is deeply committed to spreading the joys of creativity and technical education. That’s why we’ve provided 60 total scholarships - 40 scholarships through our Kickstarter, and another 20 thanks to Jägermeister. As we continue to grow, The Garage Learning will look to continue these programs, and inspire others to stretch the boundaries of what creativity can accomplish.

We’re proud to be part of a global community of creators, and this has been a part of our mission since the beginning. That’s why we provided 10 scholarships for every $100,000 raised during our Kickstarter campaign. Each scholarship included a free 1-Year Intermediate subscription, providing access to our most fundamental courses. You can see all of our Kickstarter scholarship winners here.

The Garage Learning is also fortunate to have a partnership with Jägermeister and their #SAVETHENIGHT initiative. The Garage Learning started in many ways as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we sought ways to share creativity with others while much of the world was in isolation. Similarly, Jägermeister started the #SAVETHENIGHT campaign as a means of supporting creative communities that were adversely affected by the lockdown period. Through their generosity, we were able to provide twenty scholarships valued at over $1,000 each. You can view our winners here, and you can learn more about the #SAVETHENIGHT campaign here.

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Environmental Sustainability

We reuse almost everything at The Garage, from old aluminum used in our rigs and parts in our sets, to lighting bounce boards and c-stands. Our scrappy start-up and engineering roots make sustainability and resourcefulness a central value of our organization. That’s why as much of the packaging used in shipping our kits as possible comes from sustainable sources. 


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