this kit includes:

The Garage Slider with Flair 7 is a revolutionary new tool designed to empower you to shoot with pro level motion control. It has 4 axes of movement: pan, tilt, slide, and focus, plus 4 trigger outputs, and an input trigger. Plus, it's the only slider available run with the power of Mark Roberts Motion Control’s Flair 7 software.

Guided by our in-depth instructional videos, you'll assemble and customize this slider to address your unique shooting needs. Whether you're making high-speed moves or or slow precision ones, you can modify the slider and swap gearboxes and motors accordingly. You can even modify it carry non-camera payloads.

Powered by Flair 7 Garage Edition, this slider does a lot of what the big 6-axis robots can do. It is 36” in length, and can handle a camera payload up to 10lbs. 

This kit will empower you to create amazing work, while teaching you about motion control, triggers, repeatable multipass shooting, and stop frame animation. 

  • Please note: this item is currently only available for pre-order (item slated for shipping summer 2021).
  •  Kit includes the one year license to Flair 7. Software is priced at $200/year after that, also payable as $20/month.