this kit includes:

There is so much you can do with this turntable/pourer/dropper kit! You can pour liquids, drop objects on command, or spin products with precision. 

To control this awesome kit, a subscription to Mark Roberts Motion control Flair 7 Garage edition is included for the first year. This allows pro level precision repeatable movements and the ability to program complex moves with ease. You also get 4 output triggers to control or trigger other actions, as well as an input trigger. 

It comes with all the parts so that you can configure it as a turntable for tabletop size items, or as a pouring device, or high speed dropper. It includes an 12” aluminum surface with predrilled hole so you can screw other surfaces to it. 

  • Please note, this item is currently only available for pre-order (Item slated to ship Summer 2021)
  •  Kit includes the one year license to Flair 7. Software is priced at $200/year after that, also payable as $20/month.