this kit includes:

The complete Learning Kit collection gives you the necessary tools to begin visually engineering your shots to make amazing tabletop videos. The Garage kits are powerful, functional, and amazing educational training tools. When you assemble these kits, you’ll unlock their mechanical principles, and learn how to create unique rigs of your own.

This package includes the Garage Pan/Tilt Slider, a turntable pourer dropper kit, hard led light, soft led light, and a pneumatic catapult, PLUS a free 1- year Pro subscription to all the Garage Learning classes (a $999 value).

  • Please note, this item is currently only available for pre-order (items slated to ship summer 2021).
  •  Kit includes the one year license to Flair 7. Software is priced at $200/year after that, also payable as $20/month.